Start of OneWeb solar array serial production - First flight sets delivered

At “world record” development speed of 6 months from start to final product, SpaceTech was able to deliver the first solar arrays to Airbus OneWeb Satellites, meeting the scheduled delivery dates. These solar arrays are going to start their ultimate job in orbit with one of the next OneWeb satellite launches.
Together with the solar array deployment mechanism (SADM), this second serial production for Airbus OneWeb Satellites is another important milestone for SpaceTech.

We are very happy with the success of this great joint effort and cooperation with our customer and are proud of our team at STI.

Airbus OneWeb Satellites, we are looking forward to see you fly and spread OUR wings!

SpaceTech OneWeb satellite delivery flight sets
Airbus OneWeb satellite artist image (source: Airbus OneWeb Satellites)


SpaceTech awarded as top innovator 2021

We are proud to being elected as one of the 100 most innovative SMEs in Germany by Top100.

SpaceTech Top Innovator 2021

SpaceTech Receives Order from York Space Systems for Multiple Satellites

We are proud to be selected by York Space Systems to supply more solar arrays for multiple satellites. Unlike previous orders, we now also manufacture the carbon fiber panels at CarboSpaceTech ourselves.

SpaceTech solar array design

Central to SpaceTech’s experience and expertise regarding solar arrays, is the capability to adapt our design specifically to the customer needs, while maintaining a streamlined, automated series production, providing a significant cost benefit for the customer.

SpaceTech-CarboSpaceTech serial production

The new York Space Systems solar array order as well as other big projects for solar array deployment mechanism manufacturing, require repeatable, scalable and smoothly running processes that allow for automate serial production of parts for the space industry. Our teams, processes and machines in place at both sites – SpaceTech and CarboSpaceTech – empower us to run serial production in time and with high-quality results, specifically for solar arrays and deployment mechanisms. Furthermore, we are currently expanding our facilities due to the increased demand for our products used in commercial and institutional space missions.

SpaceTech solar arrays York Space Systems
SpaceTech solar array for York Space Systems satellites


Be part of launch #5 - 36 new AOS satellites for global internet

36 new Airbus OneWeb satellites complementing the mega constellation allowing for global satellite-based internet, will be sent with the fifth launch to orbit tomorrow, 25 March, 2021.
The flight ST30 performed by Arianespace and its Starsem affiliate is scheduled for 3:47AM our time (2:47AM UTC) from the Vostochny Cosmodrome. The satellites will be carried into a near-polar orbit at an altitude of 450 kilometers. After separation, the satellites will climb to their operational orbit of 1,200 km.

SpaceTech OneWeb satellite launch5
Illustration of OneWeb satellite (source: Airbus OneWeb Satellites)

Be part of the exciting launch event - watch the OneWeb live stream of launch #5 >


STI to deliver solar arrays for Airbus OneWeb Satellites

We are proud to announce that Airbus OneWeb Satellites has placed a multi-million € contract to deliver hundreds of solar arrays for the OneWeb satellite constellation with STI. This order significantly enlarges the scope of the already successful cooperation with Airbus OneWeb Satellites on the OneWeb constellation, for which STI is already responsible for the solar array deployment mechanisms.

We consider this contract - being the largest solar array contract for STI so far - as confirmation of the competitiveness of the automated series production and in-situ process control developed at STI over the last years.

SpaceTech Airbus OneWeb Satellites satellite illustration
Illustration of OneWeb satellite (source: Airbus OneWeb Satellites)

SpaceTech-CarboSpaceTech serial production

Our teams and processes in place at both sites – SpaceTech and CarboSpaceTech – allow us to run serial production of space hardware with high-quality results, specifically for solar arrays and deployment mechanisms. In order to satisfy the increased demand for our products for commercial and institutional space missions we are currently further expanding our facilities.

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