SpaceTech Electronics and Sensors

SpaceTech develops Laser Head Electronics (LHE), Remote Terminal Units (RTU) to control several avionic actuators, Satellite Core Avionics (SCA), high reliable, compact and cold redundant electronics, highly stable platinum thermistors and special sensors such as the thermo-optical Coarse Earth and Sun Sensor (CESS).

SpaceTech electronics and sensors – Projects

SpaceTech is responsible for the design, analysis, manufacturing and test of electronics for many space missions:

  • GökTürk-2: Pyro drive electronics
  • ICARUS space segment
  • Satellite Core Avionics: Combination of OBC and PCDU for own small satellites
  • MERLIN Frequency Reference Unit (FRU): FRU control electronics
  • GRACE Follow-on (LRI)
  • IMECE: Solar array deployment electronics
  • ACES: AIT of ground terminal electronics units
  • Galileo Second Generation G2: LVDS Adaption and Distribution Unit (LADU)
  • Copernicus ROSE-L: Instrument Control Module (ICM) incl. boot-software
  • JUICE: Passive bandpass filter for the Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO)
  • LISA/GWOL: Electronics for LISA laser head
  • COMPASSO: Instrument Control Electronics (ICE)

SpaceTech was elected to perform many electronics Phase A/B mission studies:


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