Aerospace Respirator

The Aerospace Respirator (ASR) is a fully adequate low-cost and robust respirator developed by STI during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Currently, SpaceTech focuses on the simulation of a human lung in hardware and software for medical training purpose.

SpaceTech Aerospace Respirator features

  • Spin-Off LESIMA
  • Novel non-invasive laser-based spirometry approach to detect O2 & CO2 in exhaled gas
  • Breadboard has successfully been tested by DLR (ITP)

ASR benefits

  • Excellent time resolution
  • Not pressure dependent
  • Solid & robust

ASR applications

  • Ventilation therapy
  • Blood transfusion
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Pilot/astronaut training
  • Pilot/astronaut monitoring

Fulfilling all needed medical requirements, the ASR can reduce costs by the invention of a new functional principle that also reduces maintenance, offers high robustness & fast off-the-shelf availability.

STI built the ‘ASR Prototype’ which was successfully tested at the University Hospital Gießen in April 2020. Tests included ventilation dummies, comparison tests with established respirators (e.g. Dräger/ primus), flow meters as well as different test lungs with pressure sensors. Furthermore, the ASR is optimized towards neonatal needs – in close collaboration with senior experts of the University Hospital Ulm.

SpaceTech Aerospace Respirator Mode B

STI uses the same hardware to run a lung simulator (ASR, mode B). While a generic respirator is connected to a test lung, ASR-B manipulates pressure & flow characteristics to mimic specific pulmonary symptoms – e.g., a fibrosis (hardened lung). Main objectives: training of medical staff, test & verification of respirators, reduction of animal testing. Complementary, STI has set up a SW- prototype to establish a link between respiration and the full cardiovascular system. In future work, SW-Simulator and HW-Simulator shall be connected.

SpaceTech Aerospace Respirator project milestones

Spring 2020: COVID-19 pandemic/start of development first demonstrator (April)
Autumn 2020: “ASR prototype” successfully tested & compared to establishment
Winter 2020: SW-model of HW-system to accelerate development. Basis for SW-simulator
Spring 2021: HW/SW optimization towards neonatal needs
Autumn 2021: Kick-off for lung simulator/use of existent hardware
Spring 2022: Lung simulator successfully tested/SpaceTech is part of the INNO space 2 health network (
Summer 2022: Medical Experts Workshop - Medical feedback for an extensive lung simulator at the Charité Berlin

  • Funding
  • Contract definition
  • Partners are welcome!