SpaceTech Cold Gas Propulsion System

The SpaceTech Cold Gas Propulsion System (CGPS) is a thruster to perform precise and flexible maneuvers for small satellites in LEO and MEO orbits. It is particularly designed for formation flights with challenging requirements on drag-free attitude control e.g., GOCE and similar missions. The propulsion delivers small impulses down to 10 ╬╝Ns with an unprecedented high

number of cycles and relies on available components as well as newly designed components, having been qualified to TRL6 in 2016. CGPS offers an attractive high-end solution for low budget missions and constellations where performance cannot be sacrificed against cost.

SpaceTech cold gas propulsion system - Projects

SpaceTech has handed over the cold gas propulsion subsystem to NSPO after successful integration and verification test. The new developed thrusters from AST were qualified by STI for FormoSat-5.

Details of the SpaceTech cold gas propulsion system for FormoSat-5 

  • The cold gas propulsion system is used for orbit maintenance and attitude control, using nitrogen as propellant.
  • The system contains one high pressure tank carrying the necessary amount of nitrogen. The pressure reduced by the pressure regulator is fed into two independent branches.
  • Each of these branches consists of two thrusters and one latch valve allowing to shut-off each branch in case of propellant leakage.

Learn more about FormoSat-5

  • System engineering
  • Procurement of components
  • Qualification and testing of the new developed thrusters
  • Subsystem AIT and integration into spacecraft
  • Functional testing of subsystem

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