SpaceTech: innovative supplier, innovative employer

Founded in 2004, SpaceTech (STI) has developed into an established and acknowledged medium size enterprise in the space community. SpaceTech is independently owned and all our employees are deeply passionate about space.
With its location in Immenstaad, Germany, on Lake Constance, SpaceTech is ideally situated in the centre of a high tech area, together with several other well-known space companies. SpaceTech is accessible through the nearby regional airport of Friedrichshafen and the international airport in Zurich, slightly more than an hour by car away.


SpaceTech headquarters ImmenstaadSustainability is of great importance for us. Our headquarters facilities run with completely self-sustaining energy supply thanks to solar panels on all roofs and geothermal energy for climate control in the buildings, complemented by a block heating station. Additionally, we take care of a healthy work-life-balance of our staff (job bicycles, flexible hours, free of cost lunch, beverages and gym use).

Innovations for space

SpaceTech offers a wide spectrum of products and services for science and earth observation space missions.
Our main capability is the design, development and production of innovative, high quality and cost effective space equipment and subsystems. We offer clever product solutions for satellite platforms as well as for space payloads.

SpaceTech supplies solar arrays for missions like Sentinel-5P and Euclid. We are developing the German part of the laser interferometer on GRACE FO and the frequency reference unit for MERLIN. The attitude sensors invented by STI engineers operate faultlessly on many satellites, e.g. GRACE, Cryosat, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X and our high precision mechanisms have ensured the reliable deployment of Göktürk-2 and Kompsat-3 solar arrays.

Competent partner

SpaceTech is also a competent partner for the definition and optimization of satellite systems and space missions.
We provided system engineering support to NSPO for FORMOSAT-5 and have supported the definition of several missions during Phase A and B studies. We are able to provide complete design, production and launch solutions for small satellites and payload systems.
As prime contractor for the ICARUS Payload on the ISS we are mastering the complete end-to-end space system from commanding to data acquisition on ground. We are particularly keen to show our competence in this field in the future.

In addition to this, we can provide reliable and affordable access to space, together with customized launch service support.

SpaceTech is an experienced partner for terrestrial applications, especially where operation of technical systems in a harsh environment without the option to access the system over a long period of time is required. This includes contributions to the tsunami warning systems for Indonesia and Korea, the Yemen seismic system or the GPS network Oman. 

Worldwide operations

Our worldwide client base includes major agencies like ESA, DLR, KARI, NSPO and large system integrators like Airbus, Thales-Alenia Space and OHB.

SpaceTech has highly qualified personnel, many with long standing and exceptional experience in the space business. We operate three clean rooms that provide the necessary infrastructure for integration and testing of space hardware - up to complete small satellites.

The SpaceTech spirit

SpaceTech's policy is to offer exceptional service to our customers and to deliver reliable, high quality products at competitive prices and on time.
We are known in the space business for our straight forward, pragmatic business approach. The aspirations for the future is to focus on the continuity of success and company growth. Our momentum as a young and dynamic space enterprise with innovative ideas for robust and cost efficient solutions is a perfect match for many of the new space challenges.

We are continuously investing in our people, facilities, and production capabilities. As we are constantly increasing our workforce, we encourage engineers and scientists with appropriate background and passion for space to get in touch with us.

When can we launch your space vision?