FLEX multi-hinge solar arrays

The quantification of a fundamental process that big parts of life on earth depend on - photosynthetic activity - is key of the Earth Explorer - Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) ESA mission. At the moment, photosynthetic activity cannot be measured from space. Using a novel sensor, FLEX will be able to and therefore will improve our understanding of how photosynthesis affects the carbon and water cycles on earth. Additionally, FLEX can deliver insight into plant health and stress which is particularly relevant since the growing global population is facing challenges on the production of food and animal feed.

SpaceTech will empower the FLEX satellite with solar arrays

STI was contracted by Thales Alena Space for the design and manufacturing of the FLEX solar arrays. After several other flight contracts for export and new space missions, this is the first application for our innovative multi-hinge deployment mechanism and automated PVA laydown process on an ESA mission.

FLEX mission launch

Satellite launch is planned for 2023 as well.


SpaceTech FLEX solar arraysFLEX satellite with deployed STI multi-hinge solar arrays


Learn more about the FLEX mission on the ESA website


LEMON: EGU2020 General Assembly online

The LEMON tree is growing again.

Please find more information on the LEMON DIAL project website as well as on our website

lemon dial project introduction background


Aero Space Respirator takes next step to concession

On its way to final concession, the ASR runs through many rounds of different testing in the engineering as well as in the clinical environment under more demanding conditions. The next step will now be taken by a pre-series of seven units. In this pilot-production the two SMEs SpaceTech and AST split tasks of design and manufacturing.

Aero Space Respirator preproduction-series

Within this first week of May, STI will be finalizing the first ASR of the pre-series, ready for testing at the JLU in the following week. At a press conference in the week after, we will be presenting the device to the public.

Visit our crowd funding campaign: Ventilators for the world


STI Aero Space Respirator development next milestone

SpaceTech and AST are developing the fast reproducible ventilator for use on COVID-19 patients. The Aero Space Respirator (ASR) is designed with available parts from other industries, such as the Sodastream bottle being used for mixing the respiratory air. Both companies are self-financing this project, supported by the crowd funding campaign: "Ventilators for the world".

ASR reached next milestone

Today, April 21st, 2020, the ASR project takes its next step, being tested at the project supporting University Hospital of Gießen Marburg (UKGM). The latest version has a leight-weight and compact housing and comes with ASR software - ready for final testing.

spacetech asr development phase 1 2 3
ASR engineers demonstrating the ASR development

phases 1, 2 and the final testing version 3 at the STI
clean room
  spacetech asr development phase 3 test set up
Test set-up of the latest ASR version with 1000 mL
Dräger lung at STI test lab

  spacetech asr development phase 3 view inside
View inside the ASR version 3


spacetech asr development team
SpaceTech's ASR development team at STI headquarters


Crowd-Funding für schnell verfügbares Beatmungsgerät ASR von SpaceTech

Die COVID-19 Pandemie betrifft alle Länder dieser Welt und fordert eine hohe Zahl an Menschenleben. Ein Grund für diese schreckliche Entwicklung ist die zu geringe Zahl an Beatmungsplätzen auf Intensivstationen. Selbst der Aufbau von Notkrankenhäusern genügt nicht, falls nicht ausreichend invasive Beatmungsgeräte zur Verfügung stehen. Aus diesem Grund haben zwei mittelständische Unternehmen der Raumfahrtbranche (AST Advanced Space Technologies GmbH und SpaceTech GmbH) "Tigerteams" gebildet. Beraten durch Mediziner des Universitätsklinikum Gießen Marburg (UKGM) wird ein Beatmungsgerät (ASR) für den Einsatz auf Intensivstationen (continous mandatory ventilation) entwickelt.

Als nächsten Schritt planen wir Geräte insbesondere für betroffene Länder der 2. und 3. Welt zur Verfügung zu stellen. Hierzu hoffen wir ebenfalls auf die Unterstützung der Crowd Community.

spacetech ventilators asr tigerteams covid 19
ASR beim Test am Dummy


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