Expansion of manufacturing and development at SpaceTech

Solar arrays and quantum technology from Lake Constance for outer space...

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new SpaceTech (STI) and CarboSpaceTech (CST) building in Immenstaad-Kippenhausen took place. The changeable weather did not deter Immenstaad's mayor Johannes Henne, Kippenhausen's village chief Martin Frank, chief architect Gerd Schlessmann, SpaceTech's managing directors Wolfgang Pitz and Frank Gilles, about 40 SpaceTech employees as well as press representatives of the Schwäbische Zeitung and the Südkurier from marking this groundbreaking milestone. With this groundbreaking, the expansion of the highly automated production of solar arrays is taking shape. STI and CST thus consolidate their market leadership in solar arrays for satellite constellations as well as their activities in the field of photonic and quantum optical instruments. The new offices, laboratories and clean rooms will provide much needed capacity to enable the build-up of the workforce, development and manufacturing.


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