27. October, 2020

Automated space solar array production: SpaceTech’s solar array factory is growing

Starting end of June 2020 with the “Spatenstich”, the STI solar array factory in currently under construction. It will be ready for operation in…

22. October, 2020

STI is main solar array supplier for ESA Copernicus HPCM missions

On July 1st 2020 ESA approved the procurement of the 6 upcoming “High priority candidate missions (HPCM)” of the ESA Copernicus program. Within their…

22. October, 2020

SpaceTech’s JUICE USO-Filter delivered

The Jupiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) is the first L-class mission in ESA’s Cosmic Vision Programme to be launched in 2022. The objective of the…

11. September, 2020

ICARUS – start of routine operation

We are proud to announce that ICARUS works as expected! After a six months test phase of the space and ground segment, ICARUS will start its routine…

01. July, 2020

Spatenstich bei SpaceTech

Am Freitag, den 26.06.2020, um 11.00 Uhr, konnten wir den „Spatenstich“ für unsere neue Produktionshalle für Raumfahrt-Solargeneratoren begehen. Unser…

24. June, 2020

STI solar arrays with multi-hinge deployment mechanism ready to fly

SpaceTech’s multi-hinge solar arrays for Momentus Vigoride satellite shuttles
The first flight models of our novel solar arrays with automated PVA…

03. June, 2020

FLEX multi-hinge solar arrays

The quantification of a fundamental process that big parts of life on earth depend on - photosynthetic activity - is key of the Earth Explorer -…

27. May, 2020

LEMON: EGU2020 General Assembly online

The LEMON tree is growing again. Please find more information on the LEMON DIAL project website.

06. May, 2020

Aero Space Respirator takes next step to concession

On its way to final concession, the ASR runs through many rounds of different testing in the engineering as well as in the clinical environment under…


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