SpaceTech Aerospace Respirator ASR – ventilator for the world

Designing a rapidly available ventilator to reduce the low number of continuous mandatory ventilation was the goal by SpaceTech GmbH in April 2020. The mechanical, electrical, physical know-how and on-site manufacturing possibilities offered a great basis for developing a product outside of our comfort zone - outside of the space industry. In combination with the connection to the faculty of medicine University Hospital of Gießen Marburg (UKGM) and Justus-Liebig-University (JLU) in Germany, we had all necessary pieces of the puzzle in place: engineering, medical know-how, testing and manufacturing to develop the Aerospace Respirators (ASR).

SpaceTech ASR development

In summer 2020 we reached already our first milestone: The ASR was successfully tested in comparison to well-established ventilators. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team from the UKGM and JLU, who performed the tests. In addition to being a functioning ventilator, the ASR is low-cost, lightweight, and uses commercially readily available components so that large numbers can be manufactured at the short term. We want to support the world in medical progress – especially in countries with the need for more equipment in their public health sector.

The SpaceTech ASR next milestones

Our next milestone is further development for neonatal ventilation as well as weaning. It is not enough for us to just develop a ventilator – our goal is to provide long-term support and this only works if we can offer all relevant functions.


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