COVID-19 - Together we can weather this storm

The COVID-19 virus is influencing everybodies life these days. At STI we take the situation seriously and have implemented a range of measures to hinder the spread of the virus in line with the measures our government has issued. The goals lie in the protection of our society from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and in the limitation of the economic damage caused by it. This is a balance act.
We believe that we in the space business are well adapted in scientifically analyzing context, deriving adequate measures and following them through with discipline. We are aware that a lot of different solutions and interpretations are being discussed in the media but we consider it essential that all of us strictly follow one clear strategy only: The governmental rules and their daily updates. In our eyes they are well balanced between health, economics and social aspects.
Out development and production is running, with several measures implemented to keep social distancing as required. Most of our employees are working from home these days and can be reached via e-mail and cell phone numbers, others are working in shifts, keep their distance and maintain increased hygiene standards.
As our customers and partners you can of course contact us via telephone and e-mail. Our headquarters central desk will be manned for the regular opening times. Following current recommendations, we minimize the visit of external visitors in our headquarters. In case the presence of external visitors is necessary for repair or service activities or to perform testing activities, the following rules apply:

The number of persons shall be minimized and shall not exceed 2
Before entering the STI building the external person shall confirm in writing that she/he

  • Has not visited a risk area in the last 14 days
  • Has not had contact to a Covid-19 infected person within the last 14 days
  • Has no symptoms such as fever and cough/respiratory problems

Our most important contribution is that we stay calm and rational. We are confident that together we can weather this storm.

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