SpaceTech operates various thermal chambers for a wide range of tests. Three different vacuum chambers allow for a wide temperature range and are driven with turbo molecular pumps.
For outgassing and leakage testing STI can provide tailor made chamber assemblies that fit specific requirements.
Two ambient pressure chambers, the climate-chamber with one cabinet, that can be used for heating and cooling, and one thermal shock chamber with two cabinets that can be kept on different temperature levels.
In this dedicated thermal lab, cleaning, glueing, and hardware setups can be executed.

Please find more information and detailed specifications of our thermal test equipment on the facility site.

Successful projects
  • Laser Ranging Instrument – LRI
  • ICARUS – Antenna for ISS
  • C-Sat solar panels & mechanical parts
  • Sentinel-3 baffles
  • CESS – Coarse Earth and Solar Sensor for various satellite missions
  • Test coupons for Exomars, MTG, CSO, Euclid


  • 01Big_TVChamber
  • 02Medium_TVChamber
  • 03TMAChamber
  • 03TMAChamber2
  • 04AmbientTemperatureChamber
  • 05ThermalCyclingChamber
  • 06OutgassingTest
  • 07TVLabratory_UltraSonicCleaning
  • 08TVLabratory01