SpaceTech provides spacecraft primary structures, dimensional stable structures and all kind of ground support equipment. This includes design, analysis, procurement and assembly of structural components. The infrastructure of SpaceTech includes

  • Pro-Engineer and Solid Works as CAD programs,
  • FEMAP and NXNASTRAN as tool for Finite Element Modeling
  • production capability through CNC machining centre
  • a work shop infrastructure and a clean room for assembly.
Flight hardware:
  • GRACE Follow On primary and secondary structures
  • Structural elements for the Formosat-5 spacecraft (main structure and top panel for the instrument optical bench accommodation)
  • Panel structure for the FORMOSAT-5 solar array
  • Panel structure for the GökTürk-2 solar array
  • Struts for the KOMPSAT-3 deployment mechanism
Mechanical Ground Support Equipment:
  • Test structure for the Bepi-Colombo MOSIF thermal tests.
  • Turn-over trolley for the FORMOSAT-5 spacecraft.
  • SWARM spacecraft mass dummies, representative in mass and eigenfrequency, utilized for the system level shock test.
  • Dummy tank for FORMOSAT-5 representing the filled flight tank mass and fillable with the nitrogene cold gas tank up to 420

MGSE Examples (FS-5 Turn-Over Trolley, SWARM Mass Dummy, FS-5 Dummy Tanks)

SpaceTech has successfully developed and delivered structure hardware for the following programs:


FORMOSAT-5 primary satellite structure

FORMOSAT-5 is an earth observation satellite mission with a ground resolution of approximately 2 m, realized as a Taiwan domestic development.



Bepi Colombo is an interplanetary mission to Mercury jointly implemented by the European space agency ESA and the Japanese space agency JAXA.