The Israeli non-profit company Space-IL, followed the challenging mission to land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon. Space-Il is committed to inspire the next generation to study science and technology by becoming the 4th country to land a spacecraft on the moon.

SpaceTech delivered the body fixed solar array panels for the Beresheet spacecraft.

 SpaceTech Space IL solar arraySpace IL solar panel (source: STI)

Key features

STI was able to deliver a competitive, cost-efficient and smart solution using new features and techniques:

  • New STI Cut-Down Insert
  • GFRP-Flex Brackets, for CTE mismatch compensation
  • Hot-press manufactured CFRP sandwich panel

SpaceTech is proud to be – once again - selected for the private New Space market.

Mission Status

Beresheet was launched successfully on February 22nd, 2019. The mission ran as planned, reaching all stages of elliptical earth and moon orbits. After losing contact to the spacecraft and a software reset during the landing process, the lunar lander was too fast and too close to the surface of the moon for a safe landing. Beresheet crash-landed after almost two months in orbit on April 11th 2019 on the moon near Mare Serenitatis.

Nonetheless, Space-IL achieved a remarkable success with Beresheet, making Israel the 7th nation to have orbited the moon. We are excited about the approach and are looking forward to next mission of Space-IL.