STI has handed over the Cold Gas Propulsion Subsystem to NSPO after successful integration and verification test. The new developed thrusters from AST were qualified by STI for FORMOSAT-5.

Details on the Cold Gas System:
  • The Cold Gas Propulsion Subsystem is used for orbit maintenance and attitude control, using nitrogen as propellant.
  • The subsystem contains one high pressure tank carrying the necessary amount of nitrogen. The pressure reduced by the pressure regulator is fed into two independent branches.
  • Each of these branches consists of two thrusters and one latch valve allowing to shut-off each branch in case of propellant leakage.

Integration at NSPO

Integration of propulsion subsystem at NSPO facilities, Taiwan (source: NSPO)


FORMOSAT-5 has been successfully launched on the 24th of August 2017 from Air Force Base Vandenburg on a Falcon 9 (SpaceX). This is a major milestone both for NSPO as being the first earth observation satellite being designed by Taiwan and for STI as a provider of cost efficient high quality satellite systems.