SpaceTech has developped a Satellite Core Avionics (SCA), combining Onboard Computer (OBC) and Power Control/Distribution Unit (PCDU) functions.

For the Turkish government, in the frame of the GökTürk-2 mission, SpaceTech has designed and built the pyro drive module (PDM) electronics executing the deployment sequence of the mechanism.

Within the project ‘OBC System-Architektur Technologie-Demonstrator’ a remote terminal unit has been developed.

core avionics overview

Core Avionics (SCA)

SCA combines the Onboard Computer (OBC) and Power Control/Distribution Unit (PCDU) functions and modules in one box resp. unit

goektuerk2 pdm

GökTürk-2 Pyro Drive Module

Against strong international competition, SpaceTech has been awarded a contract by the Turkish government institute TÜBITAK UZAY to deliver the GökTürk-2 solar array system.