FORMOSAT-5 primary satellite structure

The FORMOSAT-5 earth observation satellite is developed by the Taiwanese space agency NSPO in cooperation with SpaceTech. As part of the overall hardware kit procurement , SpaceTech is responsible for the manufacturing of the satellite primary structure, pre-assembled with the propulsion subsystem.

The primary structure consists of milled aluminum elements.

FORMOSAT-5 trolley

A trolley was designed and built by SpaceTech allowing the rotation of the spacecraft in one axis for ground operations, thus assisting the integration of the propulsion system. This integration is performed inside the SpaceTech clean room before delivery of the assembled structure/propulsion system to Taiwan.

FORMOSAT-5 top panel

The top panel provides the necessary stable mechanical interfaces to the instrument optical bench. It is made up of a CFRP / aluminum honeycomb sandwich with cyanate ester resin. This top panel is separately deliverd for instrument preintegration at in Taiwan.

Formosat-5 Structure Performance Summary

While the top panel has been delivered to NSPO for further instrument integration in the spring of 2012, the satellite main structure with the integrated propulsion system has been delivered to Taiwan in January of 2013.

FORMOSAT-5 launch

FORMOSAT-5 has been successfully launched on the 24th of August 2017 from Air Force Base Vandenburg on a Falcon 9 (SpaceX). This is a major milestone both for NSPO as being the first earth observation satellite being designed by Taiwan and for STI as a provider of cost efficient high quality satellite systems.