Solar Array for SAR satellite

SpaceTech was selected by Airbus DS as supplier of the solar array for their SAR satellite
STI tasks include mechanical, thermal and electrical design as well as the manufacturing and test one of the most powerful STI solar array.
The photovoltaic assembly has a practically undisturbed cell layout thanks to optimized mechanical fixation design allowing an exceptionally high fill ratio.
In addition, the solar array relies on the latest cell technology available on the market.

These two key factors allow STI to offer the maximum power per available area. The solar array has been equipped with a passive thermal design principle, based on a Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) and special mechanical brackets.
Thus, minimizing radiative and conductive coupling between satellite and solar array.

DSC03929 normPVA equipped CFRP panel

Key features of SAR satellite

  • Maximum power per available area
  • Body fixed panel with high thermal decoupling from S/C
  • Latest cell generation

The solar array was delivered to Airbus DS in August 2018.