Kompsat-3 is an optical Earth observation satellite built by the Korean Aerospace Institute (KARI), which was finally launched in 2012.

The Kompsat-3 Solar Array deployment mechanism (SADM) was the first flight hardware contract for SpaceTech, signed 2005/2006 with Korean Airlines Ltd. The contract also included the delivery of stiffening mechanism for each of the solar arrays, to achieve a high eigenfrequency of the solar array wings in order to allow agile satellite operation/pointing.

The deployment mechanism is based on an earlier patented design by SpaceTech founder Bernhard Doll exhibiting very low friction, high torque margin and at the same time low deployment shock through a cam/spring driven system.

KOMPSAT-3 SADM Deployment TestKOMPSAT-3 SADM Deployment Test

SpaceTech designed, produced and assembled the mechanisms and verified the deployment in a specifically designed zero-g MGSE. The flight models were delivered 2007 and the solar arrays were successfully deployed after launch of Kompsat-3 on May 2012.