The STI Cold Gas Propulsion System (CGPS) is a thruster to perform precise and flexible manoeuvres for small satellites in LEO and MEO orbits.
It is particularly designed for formation flights with challenging requirements on drag-free attitude control e.g. GOCE and similar missions.
The propulsion delivers small impulses down to 10 ╬╝Ns with an unprecedented high number of cycles and relies on available components as well as newly designed components having been qualified to TRL6 in 2016. This is why CGPS offers an attractive high-end solution for low budget missions and constellations where performance cannot be sacrificed against cost.

SpaceTech services for propulsion systems

  • System engineering
  • Procurement of components
  • Qualification and testing of the new developed thrusters
  • Subsystem AIT and integration into spacecraft
  • Functional testing of subsystem

Space project examples

Fs5 Propulsion Overview

FORMOSAT-5 Cold Gas Propulsion

The new developed thrusters from AST were successfully qualified and handed over to the Taiwanese Space Agency (NSPO). FORMOSAT was launched on 24. August 2017