SpaceTech develops laser optical instruments for earth observation missions, specifically instruments requirering highly stable laser sources e.g. for heterodyne interferometers and trace-gas measurements. For this, SpaceTech has built up a team of laser specialists covering the required areas of competency optical, optomechanical to optoelectronical design.

Examples for SpaceTech activities in this area are :
  • The laser ranging interferometer for GRACE Follow-On
  • The high stability laser for a potential NGGM mission
  • The frequency reference unit for MERLIN

The scope of work covers the full instrument development cycle, from the instrument concept design,the detailed optical, mechanical and electrical design to the manufacturing and test of carbon fibre-glas and metal-glas optomechanical components, including qualification of flight hardware. We maintain an active network to institutes and companies in the field of laser optics providing access to state of the art knowledge and technology.


Recent developments include:

Laser Ranging Interferometer

German part of the Laser Ranging Interferometer (LRI) on GRACE Follow On under Contract of GFZ.



Frequency Reference unit for the French-German methane gas mission MERLIN

Cavity with housing

High Stability Laser

EBB of the High stability Laser for a potential NGGM mission under ESA contract

SEH R New tmb

SEHR Laser Retro Reflector

High performance large aperture retro-reflector