SpaceTech's optical instruments

SpaceTech develops laser optical instruments for earth observation missions, specifically instruments requirering highly stable laser sources e.g. for heterodyne interferometers and trace-gas measurements. For this, SpaceTech has built up a team of laser specialists covering the required areas of competency optical, optomechanical to optoelectronical design.

STI's activities on laser optical instruments

Full development cycle of STI's optical instruments

  • Instrument concept design
  • Detailed optical, mechanical and electrical design
  • Manufacturing and test of carbon fibre-glas and metal-glas optomechanical components, including qualification of flight hardware.

SpaceTech maintains an active network to institutes and companies in the field of laser optics providing access to state of the art knowledge and technology.

Optical intruments project examples



Frequency comb based absolute frequency reference design for future spaceborne multi species differential absorption Lidar systems for green-house gases monitoring

LISA laser triangle spacetech

Lasers for LISA

The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission aims for detection and characterization of gravitational waves in the frequency range between 30 μHz and 1 Hz.



Frequency Reference Unit for the French-German methane gas mission MERLIN



German part of the Laser Ranging Interferometer (LRI) on GRACE Follow-On under Contract of GFZ.