SpaceTech develops optical isolators for satellite-based high-power laser applications, able to withstand launch loads and the space environment for a reliable long term operation.
In contrast to commercial devices, SpaceTech’s isolators feature a hardware completely free of organic material (no adhesives, no plastics), meeting the specific cleanliness requirements of space missions.

optical isolatorOptical Isolator, for power application (1064 nm)

Key Features
  • Zero outgassing/adhesive free
  • Vacuum compatible
  • Radiation hardness

An example of the application for the optical Isolators of STI is the German-French Methane Lidar MERLIN, which is performed in under contract and in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) in Aachen, Germany. It features the follwing key charactistics:

Key Characteristics

 Operational wavelength  1064 nm (*others oin request)
 Free aperture  4 mm
 Damage threshold  10 J/cm2 @ 10 ns
 Isolation  > 30 dB
 Transmission loss  < 0.2 dB
 Temperature range  -40°C to +50°C
 Size (w/o polarizers)  64 x 41.5 x 40 mm3
 Design loads  50 g
 Mass  390 g

SpaceTech is capable to deliver the full development and production chain inhouse: design of magnet field, optical design, thermal and structural analysis, manufacturing, assembly, and qualification testing. Thus allowing for a maximum in customization.