Beam collimators for terrestrial or space laser applications

In the framework of the LRI project an ultra-stable beam collimator has been developed and qualified.

SpaceTech beam collimatorBeam collimator

Key features of the STI beam collimator

  • Diffraction limited gaussion output beam
  • 5 mm beam diameter
  • Absolute wavefront planarity of better than λ/15 (10 to 40°C, 1/e²)
  • Pointing stability of better than 5 µrad/K

STI beam collimator design

In order to provide these demanding specifications the design is optically fully mono-lithic, with the fiber rigidly attached directly to the aspheric lens body, avoiding any internal surfaces.
The design combines an extremely high thermal stability with high return losses, but requires very precise manufacturing capability.

Applications with the STI beam collimator

The beam collimator has been performance tested over the full operational temperature range and successfully passed thermal cycling, vibration and shock testing. The design is adaptable to other beam diameters and mechanical interfaces STI is offering these beam collimators as optical components for demanding applications in terrestrial or space laser systems.