Multi Purpose Small Platform

SpaceTech's approach for a robust and reliable satellite platform has been worked out in the 'Multi Purpose Small Platform' (MPSP) project.

Key elements of the MPSP 'FlexSat' concept

  • Open satellite architecture with flexible platform configuration, consisting of a mission specific platform design with full compliance to the needs of the scientific instrument / payload
  • Modular electrical architecture consisting of 'core elements' being identical for each mission, 'building block sets' selected for each mission using recurring and flight proven of-the-shelf equipment and technologies, and 'customized elements' adapted from existing technologies or being new developed
  • Mission specific structure, power and thermal design
  • Robust, consequent one-failure tolerant design and high reliability to provide unrestricted access to full operational missions
  • Flat team hierarchy and intensive customer interface
  • Cost efficient development logic and a consequent customer oriented design to cost approach, that provides an excellent cost to performance ratio

MPSP applicationMPSP application: Earth observation satellite with ultraviolet-visible-near-infrared and short-wave-infrared optical instruments

SpaceTech's optical satellites

Out of the MPSP study and the Flex-Sat concept STI developed in further studies optical satellites of different performance classes:

  • High resolution compact earth observation platform (HCEOP) for 1 to 2 m GSD optical cameras
  • High resolution high agility earth observation platform (H²EOP) for ≤ 0.5 m GSD optical cameras
  • Medium resolution constellation earth observation platform (MCEOP) for 4 to 6 m GSD optical cameras

MPSP has been performed with financial support of the Agency of the German Aerospace Center funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, funding code 50 RU 0703.