Space missions & satellites

Many SpaceTech employees look back on more than two decades in the space business, having been involved in numerous space missions as responsible managers and engineers covering aspects as

  • System management and engineering
  • System and subsystem design
  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • System level assembly, integration and test
  • Launch preparation and in-orbit commissioning

SpaceTech's engagement in space missions

As a natural continuation, SpaceTech has engaged in space missions and related spacecraft design since its very beginnings. The focus of its space development activities are primarily in the areas of applied science and earth observation with small satellite systems.

Major milestones in this area where the acquisition of the system engineering, hardware development and procurement support contract for the Formosat 5 program of the National Space Agency of Taiwan (NSPO) and the mission study contracts for Phase A & B of the Deutsche Orbitale Service (DEOS) mission.

Space project examples

m2space rendered satellite

M2Space Initiative

SpaceTech is currently developing a constellation of LEO satellites, allowing for global access to sensor data for IoT/M2M applications.

F5 990709


For ARGO / FORMOSAT-5 program SpaceTech provided System Engineering, Hardware development and procurement support.

deos phase a


DEOS mission studies, Phases A & B, with Client & Servicer responsibility at Spacetech

LEO Twins

Lunar Exploration Orbiter LEO

Phases 0 and A studies for the Lunar Exploration

Logo ohne Rahmen X

Sentinel-5 Precursor (S5P)

SpaceTech lead the Phase A/B1 system study.



SpaceTech's approach for a robust and reliable satellite platform