Göktürk-2 Deployment Mechanism

Against strong international competition, SpaceTech has been selected as supplier for the Göktürk-2 solar array system by the Turkish government institute TÜBITAK UZAY.

The GökTürk-2 solar array system

  • 3 solar panels including the photovoltaic assembly
  • Solar panel deployment mechanisms
  • Hold down and release mechanism
  • Pyro drive module (PDM) electronics initiating the deployment sequence of the mechanism

The SpaceTech responsibility covers the full responsibility for the electrical performance, mechanical/thermal analysis and design, detailed design, manufacturing and assembly of all hardware, functional and environmental verification including 0 g deployment testing.

The solar panel is composed of an Aluminium honeycomb core and face sheets made from CFRP. In stowed configuration each panel is resting on four supports held by one central Hold-Down and Release Mechanism (HDRM). A thermal knife release mechanism was selected for shock free release.

The deployment mechanisms is based on the flight proven SpaceTech design as flown on Kompsat-3 and used earlier on Globalstar and Champ mission for their deployable booms.

GökTürk-2 solar array key features

  • Rattle-free
  • Very low-friction
  • High torque margins
  • No latching shocks

GökTürk-2 Mechanism Performance SummaryGöktürk-2 mechanism performance summary

GökTürk-2 launch

The qualification models and flight models of the solar array system have been delivered to Turkey in 2010 and 2011, respectively. The satellite has been launched and the solar array successfully deployed in December 2012.