SpaceTech develops selected satellite equipments, both for use in our own subsystems and as self standing products, making extensive use of our in-house manufacturing and test capabilties. We have a thorough understanding of details of satellite equipments and "hands-on" experience in development, manufacturing, assembly, integration and test is an ideal foundation for the development of higher levels of integration as in subsystems.

System and subsystem activities

The design, manufacturing, qualification and delivery of various equipments are an important complement to our system and subsystem activities. With SADM for Airbus OneWeb Satellites, JUICE RIME antenna Kompsat 3 deployment mechanism and Göktürk-2 deployment mechanism successfully deployed in orbit, SpaceTech acquired significant space heritage in this field.

Space project examples

Spacetech deployment mechanism oneweb satellite

Solar Array Deployment Mechanism for Airbus OneWeb Satellites

AOS selected SpaceTech to develop and deliver 1800 deployment mechanisms for the mega constellation for global internet.

SpaceTech juice rime antenna stowed 1134px height


The STI antenna concept stands out for its smart and light-weight design, for the upcoming ESA mission JUICE to Jupiter's icy moons, to be launched in 2022.

GoekTuerk 2 Bild 2Göktürk-2 Deployment Mechanism

Launched in 2012 on board the turkish earth observation satellite

kompsat 3 icon

Kompsat-3 Deployment Mechanism

Within the first flight HW contract, STI developped a patented spring driven deployment system.

Reaction Wheel Damperreaction wheel prototype

Development and test of a damping system for satellite reaction wheels