STI's instrument mechanisms

Many SpaceTech employees look back on more than two decades in the space business, having been involved in numerous space missions as responsible managers and engineers covering aspects as

  • System management and engineering
  • System and subsystem design
  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • System level assembly, integration and test
  • Launch preparation and in-orbit commissioning

As a natural continuation, SpaceTech has engaged in space missions and related spacecraft design since its very beginnings. The focus of its space development activities are primarily in the areas of applied science and earth observation with small satellite systems.

Major milestones in this area where the acquisition of the system engineering, hardware development and porcurement support contract for the Formosat 5 program of the National Space Agency of Taiwan (NSPO)and the the mission study contracts for Phase A & B of the 'Deutsche Orbitale Service (DEOS) mission.

Space project examples

SpaceTech cas calibration wheel 200x200px

Calibration Subsystem

The Calibration Subsystem (CAS) project is part of the UVNS instrument of Sentinel-5 (Copernicus) mission.

Motor Driven Refocus Mechanism iconMotor Driven Refocus Mechanism

...with ultra-high pointing accuracy and stability.

Equipped Outer Heated Cylinder T1Thermally Driven Refocus Mechanism

< 1 ┬Ám accuracy