SpaceTech Thermistors

Thermistors, especially highly stable platinum thermistors, are used in almost every spacecraft.
SpaceTech designs an industry standard PT1000 thermistor screened to satisfy the strong requirements of space flight missions.

The thermistors are coming with a cable assembly to connect the thermistor easily to the spacecraft harness.

SpaceTech space qualified thermistor large KAPTON enclosure cable assembly re sized
Space qualified thermistor with large KAPTON enclosure and cable assembly

Thermistors key features

  • PT1000 thermistor based on Heraeus M222
  • Class A and Class B types available
  • Different enclosures available
  • Crimped Cable assembly
  • More than 500 pcs. already delivered and in space
  • Enclosure of the sensor element: Kapton (large/small), RTV
  • Cable: TP AWG28 ETFE insulated acc. to ESCC 3901/12, Length: 0,1..1m and other cable types and length upon request

SpaceTech example dimensions space qualified thermistor

Example dimensions of a space qualified thermistor