Satellite Core Avionics (SCA)

STI’s Satellite Core Avionics combines the Onboard Computer (OBC) and Power Control/Distribution Unit (PCDU) functions in one compact unit.
It is a powerful centralized solution for small, 3-axis controlled satellites.

SpaceTech Satellite Core Avionics Engineering Model
Satellite Core Avionics engineering model

SCA key features

Based on the SCA architecture, essential resource saving and optimization leads to:

  • A smart, compact and flexible design base on the cPCI-Serial-Space standard.
  • Powerful, modular and highly integrated avionics solution for small /medium satellite platforms.
  • SCA architecture open for a full set of AOCS actuators/sensors for 3-axis controlled satellite platforms.
OBC functions distributed over the following PCBs:
  • Generic, scalable Single Board Computer (SBC): LEON3, ARM, LEON4
  • I/O-module with integrated power distribution for the connected external modules and separate processing power (GR712)
  • Supervisor for FDIR and redundancy control
Data Communication:
  • CAN-Bus as internal/external communication bus
  • SpaceWire point-to-point connections where necessary
PCDU functions distributed into the following PCBs:
  • Solar Array Regulators (SAR) with MPPT, possible in centralized and de-centralized architecture
  • Battery Interface with centralized 12V DC/DC converter
  • Power distribution integrated in I/O-modules
  • cPCI serial space 6U PCBs for conductive cooling
  • Split Backplane: cPCI serial space in upper half, mission specific interconnection between the boards in lower half (Zone 0)