SpaceTech Laser Electronics

SpaceTech develops Laser Head Electronics (LHE) for space and laboratory use with outstanding characteristics, enabling laser technology with low noise, high speed, utmost precision.

Main functionalities of the LHE

  • Temperature control loops based on Precision Thermo Electric Coolers (TEC) for seed-laser, pump-laser and photodiode/output power
  • Low noise modulated Laser Current Sources for seed-laser-power and pump-laser current source.
  • Acquisition of analogous HK
  • TM/TC-Interface (UART, SpaceWire or CAN)

SpaceTech example laser head electronics external seed laser

Key features of the SpaceTech LHE

  • DC bias current: ≤ 500 mA
  • Ultra low current noise: ≤ 1 nA/√(Hz) @ f > 1 kHz
  • AC current: ≤ 500 mA
  • Modulation bandwidth: ≤ 10 MHz

SpaceTech LHE projects

  • Laser Ranging Interferometer (LRI) for GRACE FO: The LRI consists of a frequency stabilized laser, retroreflector, an optical bench and an electronics board in order to evaluate the interference signal.
  • Frequency Reference Unit (FRU) for MERLIN: The FRU is composed of a methane cell, several diode lasers, a wave meter and the associated control electronics that stabilize the diode laser emissions and the high-power laser pulse frequency to the methane cell and the wave meter.
  • High Stability Laser (HSL) for ESAs next generation gravity mission (NGGM): The HSL is a laser source with sufficient power and extremely high frequency stability down to several Hz.
  • Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission: LISA requires ultra-stable laser sources in power and frequency.