Electronics & Sensors

A long space project heritage enables SpaceTech nowadays to cover a wide range of electronic hard- and software as well as engineering services to cope with various space missions.
We design and develop laser electronics, satellite core avionics, actuator drive modules, solar array deployment electronics, Remote Terminal Units (RTU), instrument control units, power electronics as well as special sensors like space-qualified thermistors, the Coarse Earth Sun Sensor (CESS) and many more.

STI electronics in space missions

SpaceTech is responsible for the design, analysis, manufacturing and test of electronics for many space missions:

SpaceTech electronics studies

STI was elected to perform many electronics Phase A/B mission studies:

  • Sentinel 5P
  • DEOS
  • Plato
  • JUICE: Juice monitoring unit phase B

SpaceTech engineering consultancy support

SpaceTech offers engineering consultancy support for customers like:

SpaceTech power system engineering

The accumulated experience and proficiency enable SpaceTech to offer consultancy and support services:

  • Mission specific overall power architecture selection
  • Charge and solar array regulator topology choice
  • Solar array and battery technology selection
  • Sizing of on-board electrical power resources (solar array, battery)
  • Analysis of power system capabilities and margins
  • Optimization of power system capabilities (solar array sizing, orientation, charge control algorithms)
  • Procurement support for on-board electrical power equipment


SpaceTech electronics und sensors products
SpaceTech thumb electronics sensors overview merlin Fru Calibration Board Engineering Qualification Model
Laser Electronics

Low noise, high speed, utmost precision: STI's outstanding Laser Head Electronics (LHE) for space and laboratory use.

SpaceTech thumb electronics sensors overview cPCI Serial Space IO Module 6U Engineering qualification model
Remote Terminal Unit

SpaceTech designed the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to collect data from different avionic sensors and to control several avionic actuators.

SpaceTech thumb electronics sensors overview Satellite Core Avionics Engineering Model
Satellite Core Avionics

SpaceTech's Satellite Core Avionics is a powerful centralized solution for small, 3-axis controlled satellites.

SpaceTech thumb electronics sensors overview 4 channel NEA drive electronics cold redundant Engineering Model
Actuator Drive Units

SpaceTech manufactures high reliable, compact and cold redundant electronics to trigger such actuators like thermal knifes or non-explosive actuators (NEA).

SpaceTech thumb electronics sensors overview CESS

SpaceTech offers a thermo-optical passive sensor that provides spacecraft orientation at any time: Coarse Earth and Sun Sensor (CESS).

SpaceTech thumb electronics sensors overview space qualified thermistor small KAPTON enclosure

SpaceTech designs an industry standard PT1000 thermistor tailored to the special requirements of space flight missions.