SpaceTech Receives Order from York Space Systems for Multiple Satellites

We are proud to be selected by York Space Systems to supply more solar arrays for multiple satellites. Unlike previous orders, we now also manufacture the carbon fiber panels at CarboSpaceTech ourselves.

SpaceTech solar array design

Central to SpaceTech’s experience and expertise regarding solar arrays, is the capability to adapt our design specifically to the customer needs, while maintaining a streamlined, automated series production, providing a significant cost benefit for the customer.

SpaceTech-CarboSpaceTech serial production

The new York Space Systems solar array order as well as other big projects for solar array deployment mechanism manufacturing, require repeatable, scalable and smoothly running processes that allow for automate serial production of parts for the space industry. Our teams, processes and machines in place at both sites – SpaceTech and CarboSpaceTech – empower us to run serial production in time and with high-quality results, specifically for solar arrays and deployment mechanisms. Furthermore, we are currently expanding our facilities due to the increased demand for our products used in commercial and institutional space missions.

SpaceTech solar arrays York Space Systems
SpaceTech solar array for York Space Systems satellites