OneWeb Satellites launch 4 – the revolution in space

OneWeb Satellites is about to launch the next 36 small satellites for the mega constellation, aiming at affordable global internet. Today, 18. December 2020, the lift of is scheduled for 13:26 p.m. (German time) from Vostochny Cosmodrome.
OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between OneWeb and Airbus to manufacture low-cost, ultra- high performing satellites at high-volumes – a revolution in the space industry where in the past most satellites where one-offs and the manufacturing of some ten satellites over several years was a “high volume production”. The challenging mission of a small satellite mega constellation with about 600 satellites is becoming more and more reality. With this 4th launch there will be 110 OneWeb satellites placed in low Earth orbit.

Follow the launch: OneWeb Launch#4 Watch Party

SpaceTech OneWeb satellites CFRP boom deployment mechanism

SpaceTech’s part in the project

We are excited being part of this revolutionary project that is pioneering new value propositions in space. With S/N 1000 of the SpaceTech/CarboSpaceTech light-weight CFRP booms for the solar array deployment mechanisms, being used in the OneWeb satellites, at STI we are reaching an internal milestone of our production facilities. These CFRP booms offer maximum reliability at low-cost for small satellites, being the perfect match for OneWeb Satellites.