Sentinel 6 (Jason CS) launch with SpaceTech solar arrays

Spacetech solar arrays sentinel 6 satellite launchThe US-European Sentinel-6 radar altimeter mission for ocean surface topography study aims to monitor sea-level rising because of climate change. Sentinel-6 is part of the Copernicus program.

SpaceTech development

SpaceTech manufactured and delivered the solar arrays (PVA by Leonardo, panels by Airborne) for the two Sentinel 6 (Jason CS) satellites. Each satellite set consist of two body mounted and two deployable panels combined in two solar array wings.
Being four of the biggest solar arrays produced at STI, each panel measures 3.6 m length by 1.1-1.2 m width.

Sentinel-6 satellite artist image (source: NASA)

Spacetech solar arrays sentinel 6 satellite launch preparedSentinel-6 launch

After almost 1.5 years of spacecraft preparation it is time to launch!
The first satellite is scheduled for launch this Saturday at 18:17 (German time) with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg, California, US.

Follow the launch here:

Find more mission progress information here:

Sentinel-6 team celebrating: Ready to fly (source: NASA)