STI contracted for LISA Laser EM development

The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission, will be the first space-based gravitational wave observatory. Based on fundamental theories of gravitation, it will detect and observe gravitational waves that are emitted when powerful events in the universe happen.

SpaceTech LISA laser triangle of satellitesSpaceTech’s LISA laser development

In a consortium of SpaceTech, Ferdinand Braun Institute Berlin, Fraunhofer ILT, Airbus Defence & Space, DELOS and DLR Bremen, STI demonstrated the required laser head performance in the laboratory on breadboard units. 

After successful completion of phase 1, ESA selected the consortium under STI to develop the Engineering Model (EM) of the LISA laser head. Instead of the ECDL seed laser applied in phase 1, the seed laser concept of LISA pathfinder was selected by ESA for the continuation of the development due to schedule and development risk considerations.

We welcome TESAT within our consortium!

Artist's impression of the three LISA satellites, triangle laser beams
(source: AEI/MM/exozet/NASA/Henze)