STI is main solar array supplier for ESA Copernicus HPCM missions

On July 1st 2020 ESA approved the procurement of the 6 upcoming “High priority candidate missions (HPCM)” of the ESA Copernicus program.
Within their winning HPCM proposals, the mission primes Airbus, Thales and OHB selected STI to develop and build the solar arrays for CO2M, LSTM, CHIME and CRISTAL. This means that two-thirds of the solar arrays for the next 12 Copernicus satellites will be delivered by us.

SpaceTech solar arrays for Copernicus HPCM

SpaceTech solar arrays for space

This great success writes forth the success story of our intense development activities in the field of solar array for space. STI solar arrays benefit from space heritage on solar arrays for a range of missions over the last decade, with 100 % success rate of our products. With the selection – not only – for HPCM STI is now recognized as one of the key solar array suppliers for European and worldwide customers, both institutional and commercial.

SpaceTech’s solar array production automation

The automated manufacturing approach not only brings down the cost of solar arrays for space, but at the same time significantly increases SpaceTech’s production capacity.
Illustrated by the ongoing construction of our new production facility in Immenstaad, we stay focused on providing reliable and cost-efficient solar arrays for various missions. This includes institutional missions with highest quality and reliability demands to new space constellations with highest quantities and cost limits.

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ESA-Copernicus High Priority Candidates (source: ESA)