SpaceTech’s JUICE USO-Filter delivered

The Jupiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) is the first L-class mission in ESA’s Cosmic Vision Programme to be launched in 2022. The objective of the JUICE mission is the investigation of Jupiter and its icy moons, Callisto, Ganymede and Europa. It addresses the question of whether possible habitats of life are provided underneath the surfaces of the icy satellites and also probes Jupiter’s atmosphere and magnetosphere.

Spacetech JUICE USO Filter
Artist image of Jupiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission scenario (source: ESA)

Details of the SpaceTech USO-Filter for JUICE

A radio science package on the satellite is equipped with a so called Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO) which provide a constant wave at 57.5MHz. The USO-Filter is a 2 pole passive band bass filter based on lumped components, connected between the USO and the DST (Deep Space Transponder, for telemetry, tracking and command).

SpaceTech JUICE USO Filter
SpaceTech USO-Filter for Jupiter ICy moons Explorer mission

Functions of the Ultra Stable Oscillator filter:

  • Attenuating the spurious emissions above 67.1 MHZ and below 47,9 MHz from USO to the transponder DST by at least 18 dB
  • Correcting the impedance mismatch between the USO and the transponder DST

Remarkable project schedule of SpaceTech USO-Filter

Once more SpaceTech’s team was able to demonstrate fastness and flexibility. The requested project schedule is remarkable: 

  • The customer Airbus contacted STI in September 2019
  • Kick-off was at the end of November 2019
  • EM was delivered at the beginning of April 2020
  • FM was delivered mid of August 2020