FLEX multi-hinge solar arrays

The quantification of a fundamental process that big parts of life on earth depend on - photosynthetic activity - is key of the Earth Explorer - Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) ESA mission. At the moment, photosynthetic activity cannot be measured from space. Using a novel sensor, FLEX will be able to and therefore will improve our understanding of how photosynthesis affects the carbon and water cycles on earth. Additionally, FLEX can deliver insight into plant health and stress which is particularly relevant since the growing global population is facing challenges on the production of food and animal feed.

SpaceTech will empower the FLEX satellite with solar arrays

STI was contracted by Thales Alena Space for the design and manufacturing of the FLEX solar arrays. After several other flight contracts for export and new space missions, this is the first application for our innovative multi-hinge deployment mechanism and automated PVA laydown process on an ESA mission.

FLEX mission launch

Satellite launch is planned for 2023 as well.


SpaceTech FLEX solar arraysFLEX satellite with deployed STI multi-hinge solar arrays


Learn more about the FLEX mission on the ESA website