STI Aero Space Respirator development next milestone

SpaceTech and AST are developing the fast reproducible ventilator for use on COVID-19 patients. The Aero Space Respirator (ASR) is designed with available parts from other industries, such as the Sodastream bottle being used for mixing the respiratory air. Both companies are self-financing this project, supported by the crowd funding campaign: "Ventilators for the world".

ASR reached next milestone

Today, April 21st, 2020, the ASR project takes its next step, being tested at the project supporting University Hospital of Gießen Marburg (UKGM). The latest version has a leight-weight and compact housing and comes with ASR software - ready for final testing.

spacetech asr development phase 1 2 3
ASR engineers demonstrating the ASR development

phases 1, 2 and the final testing version 3 at the STI
clean room
  spacetech asr development phase 3 test set up
Test set-up of the latest ASR version with 1000 mL
Dräger lung at STI test lab

  spacetech asr development phase 3 view inside
View inside the ASR version 3


spacetech asr development team
SpaceTech's ASR development team at STI headquarters