March 18th, 2019, STI headquarters: The deployment tests of the solar array of the JASON-CS flight model have been performed flawlessly at the STI cleanroom facility under ESA supervision. With this successful demonstration STI concludes the mechanical verification of the solar array for the first satellite.
This is an important milestone towards delivery of the hardware to Airbus, scheduled for April 2019.

STI Jason CS solararray deployment test stowed STI Jason CS solararray deployment test deployed
STI cleanroom deployment test solar array Jason-CS 
STI development

The JASON-CS solar array features 4 solar panels of approximately 17.5 m² in total, two fixed ones and two deployable (see below). The solar array, including the deployment mechanisms, has been developed by STI under contract with Airbus.

STI Jason CS SolarArrays Stowed Configuration
Jason-CS SA stowed configuration
STI Jason CS SolarArray Deployed Configuration
Jason-CS SA deployed configuration
Mission goal

The Jason-CS mission is part of the Copernicus Space Component and is developed by ESA under the GMES Space Component Segment 3 (GSC-3) program. The main objective of the Jason-CS/Sentinel 6 mission is to provide a long-term availability of high precision ocean surface topography observations in support of Copernicus services.


The launch of the first spacecraft is planned for 2020.