2016 04 28 SolarGenerator and CESS for JasonCS Satellite

[image from cnes.fr]

SpaceTech GmbH was selected to design and manufacture the Solar Array for Jason-CS, as subcontractor to Airbus DS. The project kick-off was in February 2016.

In addition, STI will provide a set of CESS (Coarse Earth & Sun Sensor - a safe mode sensor) for the mission.

The Jason-CS Mission is part of the Copernicus Space Component and is developed by ESA under the GMES Space Component Segment 3 (GSC-3) programme. The main objective of the Jason-CS\Sentinel 6 Mission is to provide a long-term availability of high precision ocean surface topography observations in supportof Copernicus services. The launch for the two spacecraft is planned for 2020.