[8. Jan 2016]

CavityEBB Fiber AmplifierEBB

Left: Optical cavity, Right: Fiber power amplifier [Pictures: NPL/ILT]

The Consortium of SpaceTech, Fraunhofer ILT, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and Airbus DS has been selected for the development for the high stability laser (HSL) for a potential 'Next Generation Gravity Mission' (NGGM). This development continues the successful development and testing of the HSL Elegant breadboard performed of the same consortium from 2012-2015 within the frame of ESA TRP.

The HSL is a modular, fibre-based laser system emitting light with a high stability of laser frequency and output power. The objective of this new activity is to raise the maturity of the laser system to TRL 5 on subunit level and TRL 7 on component level.

SpaceTech as prime contractors signs responsible for project management, system engineering, electrical, structural and thermal design. Fraunhofer ILT is responsible for the laser head and the environmental test campaign of laser head components. The National Physical Laboratory is responsible for the reference cavity. Airbus DS performs the environmental test campaign of the laser system.