Employee Benefits

At STI, we believe that the motivation of every member of our team is key to our success. We value a healthy work environment and constantly try to improve. Some benefits we offer are

SpaceTech employee benefits profit sharing

STI Profit Sharing


Every employee of STI is considered a vital part of the team and responsible for the company success. Likewise every employee benefits from the company profit.

SpaceTech employee benefits flexible home office rules

STI Flexible Home Office


Since the beginning, STI believes in the benefits of a flexible work environment, improving work-life-balance, teamwork, motivation and ultimately company results.

SpaceTech employee benefits pension scheme

STI Pension Scheme


STI provides a company pension scheme and thereby supports its employees even after the time they work.

SpaceTech employee benefits gym use and job bikes

STI Gym & Job Bike


Physical fitness is essential to a healthy and joyful life. STI employees benefit from free access to the gym and the option of a job bike.

SpaceTech employee benefits events free meals and beverages

STI Events & Free Meals


We value teamwork, communication and motivation as a key factor of company success. Christmas party, summer party, free meals and beverages are part of our goal to maintain and foster the spirit of all employees.

SpaceTech employee benefits trust-based working time

STI Trust-Based Working Time


As a dynamic small company in the space business, we rely on motivated, responsible and autonomous solution seeking employees. We trust that employees manage the working time without the use of a time clock.

SpaceTech employee benefits social groups

STI Social Groups


STI supports social events initiated by employees, such as game events, sport events, charity events or just chilling and chatting after work by providing the location, snacks and beverages.

SpaceTech employee benefits tech groups

STI Tech Groups


STI supports the realization of technology-based projects, that employees would like to realize in their free time, both, by funding the required material and the possibility to use company facilities.