During the first years of operation SpaceTech developed into an acknowledged system provider for terrestrial and space applications with a solid customer base world-wide. Starting from export projects, mainly for the asian market, national and european  contracts gain more and more importance over the years. The proven flight heritage enabled SpaceTech to be selected  as provider for highly demanding systems  for ESA satellites.

SpaceTech Timeline 2004to2018v2Company History

Originally consisting of just two persons, the two founders Bernhard Doll and Jost Munder, SpaceTech quickly acquired more personal and has seen a steady growth ever since. Parallel to the increase of personel SpaceTech contracts and facilities have grown, making SpaceTech now the largest german SME active in the space business.

Our engineers and scientists are professionals in the space business. They have great experience in the design, development, test and operation of satellite systems and related equipment. Over many years they have successfully contributed to national and European programs like Champ, Grace, Cluster, Envisat, TerraSAR and also to space station and Ariane launcher developments. The range of skills includes mechanical/thermal, electrical, optical and software engineering. Over the past years STI has grown and developed into a company with comprehensive system capabilities with excellent competences in the fields of

  • System Management
  • System Engineering
  • System and Equipment Design
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Assembly and Test
  • Commissioning

Based on this wide scope of capabilities STI is in the position to participate in many space programs with important contributions on all levels of the value chain.