The SpaceTech lab for optics

SpaceTech´s optical laboratory is located in a clean room (class 100.000). The clean room itself is separated into two parts; one with laser safety and one without. The latter one accommodates a thermal vacuum chamber with an inner volume of 4 m³. This TV chamber can provide – dependent on the used test infrastructure – temperatures between -175°C and +190 °C and pressures down to <10‑5 mBar to the equipment under test.
A cold trap, a thermoelectric crystal quartz microbalance and residual gas monitoring are mandatory.
A second, smaller TV chamber is located in the clean room, too. This is used to perform tests on smaller optical instruments or to prepare instruments or their parts for the measurements within the larger TV chamber.

Clean room tent

A clean room tent (class 10.000) is located in the laser safety part of the clean room, which is surrounding an optical table (2.5 x 1.5 m²). On this optical table most of the optical measurements are performed. For the optical experiments state-of-the-art light sources (Innolight Mephisto lasers) and high performance optical measurement devices are available. The most important devices are autocollimators from Trioptics, a CCD camera from Ophir and a Shack-Hartman Sensor from Optocraft.

Flow box

A flow box (class 100) is located in the laser safety part of the clean room, too. Within the flow box optical components are cleaned and afterwards investigated with a microscope from Zeiss.

Optics lab's features

  • Testing of function and performance parameters of optical components and instruments on bread board level.
  • Assembly, integration and test of optical instruments on engineering and flight-model level.
Recent optics projects for space
Standard equipment of STI's optics lab
  • Clean room (class 100.000), clean room tent (class 10.000), and flow box (class 100)
  • Optical table (2x4m, vibration isolated) within clean room tent
  • TV chamber (mantle temperature range -40°C to +70°C, inner temperature range -175°C to 190°C, pressure < 10‑5 mBar)
  • Small TV chamber on separate optical table (environmental temperature up to +70°C, pressure < 10^-5 mBar)
  • Optical instruments:
    • Photodetectors: 3 x Thorlabs Photodiodes, 1 x Newport Photodetector with variable bandwidth and gain, 1 x Newport Photodetector with GHz bandwidth
    • Powermeters: 2 x Ophir Juno incl. 2 x Ophir Photodiode sensors and 1 x Ophir Thermal Sensor
    • Polarisation Analysis: 1 x Schäfter & Kirchhoff Polarisation Analyzer
    • Beam Profiling: 1 x Ophir Beamgage CCD with M² measurement setup
    • Shack-Hartmann Sensor: 1 x Optocraft SHSLab incl. calibration setup
    • Autocollimator: 2 x Trioptics Triangle
    • Fiber inspection: 1 x Opternus USB fibre microscope, 1 x Thorlabs fiber microscope
    • Optics inspection: 1 x Zeissmicrscope incl. USB camera
  • Laser light sources:
    • 2 x Innolight Mephisto 1064 nm
    • 1 x DFB Laser diode
  • Electrical measurement devices:
    • LeCroy HDO Oszilloskop incl. spectrum analyzer functionality
    • Keysight network analyzer with impedance analysis
    • Tektronix spectrum analyzer