SpaceTech's clean rooms

SpaceTech‘s headquarter disposes of 3 different clean rooms, each with a different AIT focus.

Clean room G3 (118 m² and 5.75 m ceiling hight) - for integration of larger space structures

The biggest clean room is mainly used for assembly and integration of larger structures, needed in space mission applications (booms, solar arrays, deployment mechanisms etc). It offers a total of 118 m² floor space, a height of 5.75 m over 78 m² (high-bay), and guarantees a cleanliness class ISO 8.
The clean room is connected to an adjacent check-out room (32 m²) and the outside access hatch for delivery of flight hardware. An additional floor hatch allows for a direct transfer of hardware to the mechanical test facility below (shock and vibration test).

Clean room G1a (78 m²) - includes the STI optics lab and thermal vacuum test chambers

The second clean room is mainly used for instrument AIT activities. One part of the clean room houses the optics lab with several optic tables and opto-electronic devices, where a clean room tent (cleanliness class ISO 7) and a flow box (cleanliness class ISO 5) guarantee the optimal environment for particle sensitive optical components.
In addition, the clean room accommodates several vacuum chambers for thermal vacuum tests.

Clean room G1b (20 m²) - for manufacturing and assembly of smaller space equipment

The smallest clean room possesses 3 work places and is equipped with various microscopes and manufacturing tools. It presents an optimal working area for glueing processes and fine mechanics (e.g. CESS projects)