SpaceTech's inhouse facilities

The SpaceTech complex includes all kind of workshops and laboratories for assembly, integration and testing of satellite systems:
Integration and selected tests from component level up to small systems/payloads can also be executed within SpaceTech GmbH facilities under clean room conditions. For the execution of thermal cycling and thermal vacuum tests on system level as well as vibration testing, either SpaceTech GmbH internal or outside facilities (can be proposed for certification by ESA if required) will be used in accordance with the size of the object to be tested.

  • Clean rooms
    • 118 m² (ISO Class 8) for assembly and integration of larger structures
    •  78 m² (ISO Class 8) for instrument and component AIT activities
    • 20 m², mainly used for assembly of smaller equipments
  • Optics lab
    • 3 optical tables in cleanroom tent, separated with lock
    • Various light/laser sources and opto-electronic measurement devices
  • Thermal Lab
    • 4 thermal vacuum chambers (p < 1e-5 mbar, -180 to +200°C)
    • 2 ambient temperature chambers, for cycling and solar simulator tests
  • Electronics lab
    • 25 m² floor space with 4 ESD safe work stations
    • Various soldering equipment, battery and charge simulators, measurement and analysis devices
  • Mechanical workshop
    • CNC milling machine
    • CNC turning machine
  • Vibration and shock lab
    • Modal shaker and shock tables
    • Vibration equipment for random and sinus stimulus
    • Shock equipment, for high frequencies (15 kHz)