SpaceTech's network of customers & partners

SpaceTech has established itself as a recognized company for high quality products in the field of terrestrial environmental monitoring systems and spacecraft missions, systems and services. This is best expressed by the list of satisfied customers, domestically and worldwide.

STI Map Customer Partners World Europe 01 09 2017SpaceTech worldwide customer base and partners

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

dlrIn the course of the company’s history a prolific and continuous cooperation with our domestic space customer has been established starting with SpaceTech’s role in the German Lunar Exploration Orbiter (LEO) mission in the phases 0 and A. SpaceTech successfully demonstrated the feasibility of lunar gravity and magnetic field measurements and provided a technical concept based on two small satellites flying in close configuration.

For the German in-orbit servicing demonstration mission DEOS SpaceTech signed responsible for the Phase A feasibility study performed under the aegis of DLR leading a team of small German companies and university institutes. To demonstrate the feasibility of the challenging mission goals SpaceTech developed an overall mission strategy, defined rendezvous and capturing scenarios, established an experiment plan and conceptually defined the servicing and the to-be-serviced spacecraft. In the follow-on Phase B SpaceTech was responsible for the preliminary design of the Client spacecraft platform under direct DLR contract, several system prime level work packages in the OHB team as well as for the docking/berthing mechanism in the Kayser-Threde team.

German Research Centre for GeoSciences (GFZ)

gfzThe German Research Centre for GeoSciences (Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum, GFZ) Potsdam has been one of the first SpaceTech customers for various terrestrial and space related projects and activities, among others EnMAP, Grace Follow-On and the German-Indonesian Tsunami Warning Systems (GITEWS).

European Space Agency (ESA)

esaAs part of an integrated system team with OHB Technology, SpaceTech signed responsible for satellite configuration, environmental requirements definition, mechanical/thermal payload interfaces and system budgets of the ESA Sentinel-5 Precursor (S5p) program in the Phase A/B1. In addition SpaceTech was in charge of the subsystems structure, thermal control, electrical power and harness.

Carbospacetech (CST)

spacetech carbospacetech daughter company carbon partsCarbospacetech (CST) is daughter company to SpaceTech and partner for all carbon fibre reinforced products needed for space missions. CST designs and manufactures innovative, ultra-leight-weight carbon parts, such as beams, antennas and struts with filament winding technique as well as carbon substrates for solar panels with fast and precise automated laydown.


spacetech neonsee daughter company solar simulationneonsee is daughter company to SpaceTech and partner for solar simulation testing needed for space missions, such as thermal balance. neonsee designs, manufactures and distri­butes cutting-edge illumination systems for the testing of photovoltaic, automoti­ve, aerospace and life science components under simulated sunlight.

AeroAstro Japan

aero astroBeing the first export customer, AeroAstro Japan in 2004 ordered an international launcher market survey to be provided by SpaceTech.


airbusContinuing the successful cooperation in the core team for the Lunar Exploration Orbiter (LEO) phases 0 and A, SpaceTech consolidated its business relationship with Airbus (formerly EADS Astrium) sites in Germany for projects like the Lander Demonstrator, Next Lunar Lander and the GRACE follow-on mission.
In 2012 SpaceTech has been selected to provide the Deployable Solar Array Panels (DSAPs) for the ESA Sentinel-5 Precursor (S5p) Mission to Airbus (formerly Astrium U.K. Ltd.) The delivery of the system consisting of three flight panels and associated deployment mechanisms is foreseen for the end of 2013.

EOS Space Systems

eosIn a contract to the Australian company EOS Space Systems, SpaceTech is responsible for the development of a highly stable structure made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for the Australian activity to develop a retroreflector prototype.

Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary (KGS)

kgsSpaceTech has provided system consultancy for the implementation, specification and procurement of the Kazakh Earth Remote Sensing Satellite System (ERSSS).

Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)

kariBased on long-standing and trustful relationship of SpaceTech personnel with the Korean space agency in the KompSat-2 program, this successful cooperation has been continued through SpaceTech's contracts for the KompSat-3 program, as well. The KompSat-3 solar array deployment mechanism ordered by Korean Air for KARI has been developed, successfully tested and delivered to Korea in 2008. In parallel, SpaceTech provided system engineering consultancy for the power system of this space system to KARI, as well.

Korean Air

korean airUnder contract of the company Korean Air, SpaceTech developed the solar array deployment mechanisms for the KompSat-3 spacecraft with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute as final customer. The mechanism flight units have been delivered to Korea in 2008. On May 18, 2012, KompSat-3 has been launched and the solar array panels have been succesfully deployed thus allowing a smoothful kick-start of the satellite mission.

Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA)

kmaSpaceTech as prime contractor and system integrator signed responsible for the development of a cable based ocean bottom Tsunami early warning system (KOBS) which has been delivered and installed off-shore the Korean island of Ulong in 2006 and 2010.

Korean Telekom Submarine (KTS)

ktsKTS is SpaceTech's partner in the Asian region for cable monitoring sensor systems with sea cable connections from the sensor to a land based monitoring station. Route survey, permits services, cable laying engineering expertise and cable deployment services are the domain of operation.


kosmotrasSpaceTech is providing marketing support in Europe and Far East for the Dnepr launcher on behalf of the Russian launch service provider Kosmotras. In addition, SpaceTech carried out various launcher accommodation studies (e.g. SMART-2, KompSat-5, EnMAP) for the Dnepr system.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Melco)

mitsubishi electricSince the very early days, SpaceTech has been contracted by Mitsubishi Electric for several support studies in the areas of space mission and system engineering as well as earth observation market and technology surveys.

National Space Organisation (NSPO)

nspoSpaceTech is supporting the Taiwanese space agency NSPO in the definition and development of its earth observation space program FORMOSAT-5 (former Argo) by providing mission and system level consultancy as well as executing world-wide procurement for essential satellite platform hardware.


ohbOHB CGS (Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio, formerly Carlo Gavazzi Space) has been SpaceTech's European partner for the Taiwanese space program Argo.

In this overall program context, SpaceTech delivered GPS receiver modules for the implementation into the on-board computer to be developed by CGS.

OHB System

ohb systemsThe cooperation with OHB started with SpaceTech contributing to the SWARM proposal in 2004. In the DEOS Phase B study SpaceTech took part in the DEOS system engineering team lead by OHB. In addition, SpaceTech has supported OHB in the preparation of the MSG proposal and the implementation of the MTG platform in the areas of power engineering and software.


poletThe cargo / logistic company Polet investigates a novel satellite launch system using an Antonov-124 aircraft as carrier. SpaceTech supports Polet in the areas of business development, satellite interfaces and marketing activities.

Seismic Operation Centre (SOC) Yemen

yessIn 2008 SpaceTech delivered and installed the Yemen Seismic Sensor Station (YESS) connected with the control centre by a VSAT real time communication system. The station measurement system is based on the GEOPHON station concept of the GeoForschungszentrum (GFZ) in Potsdam.

Tübitak UZAY Turkish Space Technologies Research Institute

uzaySpaceTech developed the solar array system of the GökTürk-2 satellite. This system, consisting of the solar panels, the panel deployment mechanism and the deployment drive electronics, has been delivered to Tübitak UZAY.

von Hoerner & Sulger (vH&S)

vh sDuring Phase B of the DEOS program, SpaceTech supported vH&S in the design of the optics for the Servicer spacecraft on-board rendezvous cameras.