Spacetech's Code of Conduct

In addition to the commitment to quality SpaceTech management has implemented a number of further corporate principles. They are related to employee's rights and labour standards including health and safety for the protection of their personnel and respect and care for the natural resources of our environment. These rules and practices are in full compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

STI ensures strict compliance

In view of its operation in an international business SpaceTech's code of conduct requires from all employees to ensure strict compliance with import and export regulations as well as diligence in all aspects of security.

SpaceTech highly values systematic reviews

In order to maintain and improve its competitive position in the market SpaceTech puts high value on systematic reviews of all internal processes and resources that have an impact on cost and schedule efficiency. In addition, potentials for further innovations are exploited, through proposition of attractive and cost optimized mission concepts, smart satellite and equipment designs and also through application of advanced technologies.

STI's attractive working environment

All the above measures contribute to a professional, safe and attractive working environment in our enterprise. They promote identification with corporate objectives and support the establishment of trustful relationships with our customers and suppliers.