Our Measurement - Your Advance

We implement tests for your most challenging tasks in structural mechanics. In doing so we combine all of our resources to guarantee that every test is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Testing Highlights
  • General vibration measurements: The conception and fulfilment from common to very complex measurements on mechanical structures - also performed under extreme conditions
  • Operating deflection shapes / operating vibration measurements, time series analysis: The investigation of the mode shapes under transient operating conditions
  • Micro gravity tests and high resolution acceleration measurements.
  • Vibration tests and shock tests
  • Signal analysis of transient processes
  • Modal analysis, ground vibration tests: phase resonance and the phase separation method
  • Static and dynamic load tests
  • Analysis, interpretation, presentation and documentation of the measured data, contour plots and animations

The diversity and the high standards of our test equipment allow for processing of a manifold of tasks and measurements.

About our equipment:
  • Quasi static oscillation tests with more than 200 measuring channels
  • Modal analysis with both single and multi point excitation
  • Random and burst-random excitation
  • Modal hammer of different sizes, with arbitrary number of reference points
  • Modal shaker from 20 [N] to 1700 [N] force vector
  • Vibration equipment with approx. 3 [kN] force vector, sinus, random, shock
  • Shock measuring equipment for the high frequency range up to approx. 15 [kHz] and 9000 [g]